Extending Applications for ICG Devices

PhysioFlow® allows physicians to better manage their CHF and other cardiac patients directly, providing continuity of care and patient convenience, while enhancing practice revenues. It augments management of congestive heart failure (CHF), drug-resistant hypertension and other patient conditions, thus reducing ED visits and emergency hospitalizations.

diagram_electrode_placementPatented, Signal-Morphology Impedance Cardiography (SM-ICG™)
PhysioFlow® Signal Morphology-based Impedance Cardiography (SM-ICG™) technology succeeds on patients in motion because its patented algorithm is more tolerant of motion artifacts. While no ICG technology is yet able to work in the presence of severe motion or during tremor/seizures, with proper electrode application and cable stabilization, PhysioFlow® SM-ICG™ is superior to conventional ICG technologies for such challenging patients.

Benefits of

Signal Morphology-based Impedance Cardiography (SM-ICG™) is a proven technology for patient hemodynamics measurements, providing data comparable to invasive (thermal dilution) approaches, but with superior, provider-independent reproducibility and sensitivity during patient CO/CI changes. It's ability to obtain accurate noninvasive hemodynamic data during motion and work on obese patients or patients with pulmonary edema, empowers better management in physician office settings where assessment of basic hemodynamic function by conventional ICG approaches, has previously provided unreliable results useful primarily for trending. PhysioFlow's patented, SM-ICG approach does not depend on determination of baseline thoracic impedance (Z0), which is the source of major limitations of conventional ICG.

Click on the left image to download the PhysioFlow® brochure and the right image to download the PhysioFlow® specification sheet.  


Philips Interface

PhyisoFlow’s newest capability is interfacing with Philips Monitoring. Our data will port into the monitor using the VueLink module that is easily plugged into the side of the monitor. This feature is exclusive to PhysioFlow and can be viewed as an accommodating role to physicians and especially nurses


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