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The Enduro received FDA clearance as of Dec. 3, 2010.

Enduro is a smaller and more portable, battery-powered, noninvasive cardiac output device that was designed primarily to be used while a subject (or patient) is exercising. Enduro is unique in that it is the only noninvasive device that can reliably and repeatedly provide cardiac output during exercise.

enduro_w_pad_strokeA fundamental characteristic of patients with chronic heart failure is an impaired ability to increase cardiac output appropriately with exercise. Many patients are able to improve cardiac output after interventions; cardiac resynchronization therapy and exercise training are directly correlated with this. Quantifying cardiac output can therefore provide important information about these and other interventions. Recent studies have also demonstrated that this information is valuable in predicting outcomes in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Please refer to the link below produced and directed by Craig Broeder at Benedictine University. This video displays the proper way to prep and place the electrodes during exercise using the Enduro. If you have any further questions, please contact Dr. Craig Broeder who has left Benedictine University and is now the founder of Exercising Nutritionally, LLC. Dr. Broeder can be contacted for any questions regarding his research or the use of PhysioFlow at



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