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docs_cropped_webPhysioFlow® allows physicians to better manage their CHF (and other cardiac) patients directly, providing continuity of care and patient convenience while enhancing practice revenues.

PhysioFlow® augments management of congestive heart failure (CHF), drug-resistant hypertension and other patient conditions, while reducing ED visits and emergency hospitalizations.

CPT 93701 Reimbursable Clinical Uses

  • Optimization of fluid management for heart failure patients;
  • Differentiation of cardiogenic & pulmonic causes of acute dyspnea;
  • Optimization of atrioventricular interval (A/V) sequential pacemaker patients;
  • Management of patients receiving continuous inotropic therapy;
  • Evaluation for rejection in heart trans-plant patients as an alternative to myocardial biopsy;
  • Screening and management of hypertention patients who are not well controlled on a 3-drug regimen that includes a diuretic.

Heart Failure: Emergency Medicine

In many cases, diagnosis of heart failure can be accomplished by observing clinical signs and symptoms.  However, in some instances, the signs are not as obvious and a more objective measurement is required to confirm the final diagnosis. PhysioFlow® can provide important hemodynamic parameters noninvasively in less than five minutes.

Early intervention and the treatment of heart failure is optimized by using PhysioFlow® to determine the choice of therapy that in turn can improve outcomes and reduce the length of stay.

If it is deemed necessary to admit the patient, baseline parameters are now available to the treating physicians in the observation unit or the ICU. This data can be important when implementing established heart failure protocols.



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