The early evaluation of the hemodynamic status of ICU patients is known to improve outcomes - if the therapy is started promptly. PhysioFlow® is a noninvasive monitor that provides 15 hemodynamic parameters that enable clinicians to make decisions quickly and decisively in the context of clinical protocols. 

Postoperative patients who are fully instrumented in the OR can be managed noninvasively in the ICU with PhysioFlow® , so that invasive  lines can be removed more quickly to lessen the risk of hospital acquired infections.

Fluid management using stroke volume variation can be accomplished more quickly and at a fraction of the cost of invasive methods, allowing valuable resources to be re-allocated.

The patented PhysioFlow® SM-ICG™ technology is the first noninvasive ICG technology that shows operator-independent consistency in measured values, in contrast to invasive PA (Swan-Ganz) monitoring that requires the averaging of 3-5 operator-sensitive measurements. It totally eliminates risks of emboli, spontaneous wedging, pulmonary infarction, hospital-acquired, systemic infections of the catheter site and other, well-documented complications of invasive cardiac output measurement.


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