Non-Invasive Central Venous Pressure
NeuMeDx is offering a non-invasive approach to measure central venous pressure. Similar to the method of PhysioFlow, the NICVP employs a method of impedance plethysmography to determine a person's central venous pressure. This is accomplished by attached four (4) commercially available ECG type electrodes to the arm, two of which will be under a commercially standard blood pressure cuff and two will be outside the cuff (one above and one below). The NICVP device incorporates a module to inject a safe current into the arm, a pump to inflate the cuff to a predetermined pressure, and a processing system to analyze and report the central venous pressure.

By obtaining the NICVP, our goal is to provide those at the front line with an easy to use tool so that diagnoses and interventions can occur EARLY. Early diagnoses and treatment in critical illness and injury is uniformly associated with better outcomes whether it is trauma, CHF, sepsis, myocardial infarctoin or stroke.

Kevin R. Ward, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Physiology, at Virginia Commonwealth University, is the inventor of the NICVP technology. Below is recently published paper in SHOCK, "A Novel Noninvasive Impedance-Based Technique For Central Venous Pressure Measurement", written by Kevin Ward and colleagues.

Currently, the NICVP device is undergoing our validation studies at two sites, Virginia Commonwealth University and Tampa General Hospital. Following the completion of the studies, the NICVP will be submitted for clearance by the FDA. 


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